August 18, 2010

     I glance across the room and spot Marie sitting with her parents in their usual 3rd row from the back. Sitting in front of them is the Canburry’s; all 5 children are dressed in their Sunday best. At least 5 more groups of people mingle toward the front. Today is crowded. As our little family finds a row to claim,a familiar face catches my eye. Desiree Blackwood had not been seen in Willowmoss for over a year, but she hasn’t changed a bit. Her thick, dark hair cascades over her shoulders like a milk chocolate fountain. her form-fitted dress displays a perfectly proportioned figure, and her skin blends in front of me like coffee and cream.                                                                                                     

     How did I ever use to stand next to her?

     Catching my gaze, her doe eyes widen.”Celest!” she squeals.

     Tossing her a smile, I hand Cyrus off to Jake and make my way over to be assaulted by one of her “famous” hugs. After releasing me, she flips up her hand revealing a diamond the size of New Jersey and shoves a picture in my face.

     “I’m getting married!”

     Oh, it’s awkward… soooo awkward.

     The man clinging to her in the picture must be, at least, 20 years her elder. His bald head, snow-white beard, and jolly smile instantly remind me of Santa Clause. Seeing her pictured on his lap, sitting in such a sultry pose, reminds me of a dirty Christmas pic I had accidentally stumbled across on the internet. I force a congratulatory smile.

     “When’s the date?”

     “Next month,” she is practically hopping with giddy delight. “Sept. 1st. You have to come… my special day would be lacking without you there. Oh, and we must do dinner soon, as well. You always have been one of my closest friends!” She flashes me a knowing smile, but for the life of me, I don’t know what she is talking about. Desiree and I had once been friends, but it would be difficult to call it more than that. My mind had always categorized us more as “hangout-buddies.” At youth group or church events, we would sit together simply, because there was no one else to sit by.We were just too different to be close. She was the gorgeous, poodle-loving, giddy, talkative, hug-everyone, rich kind of girl. In highschool, boys would line up outside her window out night just to watch her breath. I, on the other-hand, was a shy, ordinary, no-touching-necessary kind of girl. In highschool, I was every boy’s friend and nobody’s fantasy. I was too below her, for her to reach down and get her hands dirty, and she was too far above me for me to grasp. When she left Willowmoss, I had not tried to stay in contact with her, and she had returned the favor… until now. I guess somewhere in the last year, not only did she decide to marry the jolly St.Nick, but also rename me as a best friend. She must really be desperate.



2 Responses to “Ho-Ho-Ho”

  1. iowamrs70 Says:

    Sounds to me like an excellent start. Did I miss chapter 1? Keep up the good work 🙂 Hope you will visit my blog sometime. I am teaching myself to fix computers. Crazy hobby. But I love to write and thought I would combined the 2. So it is a clever journey with a personal touch.

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